Friday, 23 February 2018
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About NYF

NYF the “New York Fashion” is a unique brand of newly established multinational company, leading to maturity in a progressive way in a very rapid speed. This company is dealing in all body products from minor to major, adding more shine to the human beauty in original taste. The NYF with a vision

“Beauty in originality”

cares for human beauty in multi shades to bring pleasant soul and spirit to the life in an affordable way.

Founded in early 2005 by two friends in New York, United States of America, got its formal registration in December, 2005 and by the end of 2008 the NYF became an international brand for beauty in many countries of the world. NYF originally a USA brand due to its fast expansion in European countries laid the foundation of head office in London, United Kingdom and zones offices in many cities like Milan (Italy), Madrid (Spain) and Tanger (Morocco). The NYF discovered Pakistan a new market leading to Central Asian States and will officially launch its business in March, 2014. The core target of NYF which is Central Asia will be hit before the end of 2015.

The NYF started to take care of human hair dealing both in male and female and the unexpected success made the pioneers to expand their level of working and the NYF experts initiated a task to look after the skin care in a more comfortable and convenient fashion. The success of skin care encouraged the company more to move into other areas which had not been worked upon yet and the NYF launched its comprehensive package of cosmetics in all shapes and sizes. This launch of the NYF brought the expected reputation in golden colours which not only increased the company goodwill but also helped the company in expansion and price reduction.

The daily business of NYF is growing day by day and we are glad to announce that the NYF is launching its online services through World Wide Web, where people would be able to see our catalogues and prices comparison and will get the delivery of their products’ distributions at their doors. In order to facilitate the beauty concept in normal public of Pakistan the NYF is going to open beauty parlours in various cities, which will bring some sort attraction to the dejected life and will serve the humanity in true sense.